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Sponsorship & Advertising Program
Create a marketing piece that people will keep forever.

How does it work?
Our Free Trading Card will feature ˇ§Your Logoˇ¨ with every order our customers place. Itˇ¦s that simple.

What is the Benefit to you?
1) YOU will build YOUR brand recognition in Personal Way.
2) YOU will create a promotional piece that consumers will keep forever.
3) It's a creative and hassle-free gesture in rewarding your customers for their business.

Pick the Order the Fits your Budget.
We offer two order options.

  1. Volume Order
    Invite your customers to to design their own cards bases on your templates featuring your logo.
  2. Pay-Per-Order
    Invite your customers and online visitors to order their own personalized custom trading card you will be billed at a "per order basis" at a discount rate.

For more information about our Sponsorship & Advertising Program, please contact our Advertising Department:

Tel: (650) 921-2885
Email: [email protected]


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